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Calle del Sturion - San Polo 679

30125 Venezia
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Rialto bridge and Grand Canal view from Locanda Sturion

History of the Locanda Sturion - hotel in Venice, Italy

The first mention of the "Albergo" Sturion goes back to the end of 1200's when the house of the hotel Sturion faced the Grand Canal from above the arcade of Calle Sturion, which hotel was desired by the Doge of Venice to house foreign merchants who came to bring their merchandise to the Rialto market.
Certainly rebuilt at the end of 1300's, its period of greatest fame came in the 1400's, when it offered hospitality to 7 Ambassadors from Friuli, with their escort of 50 persons.
In 1494 the great painter Vittore Carpaccio depicted in the "Miracolo della croce", shown in the Gallery of the "Accademia", the fašade and the emblem of the Hotel Sturion (the storione is a type of fish which both the street and the Locanda take their name since XIII century).
In the first half of the XVI century the Locanda was again rebuilt and continues to be mentioned untill the end of XVIII century. The building was reconstructed once again and the "Sturion Inn" disappears to become the private house of wealthy venetians of the period. It becomes an "Inn" once again in 1950, in the same location and on the same foundations that had witnessed seven centuries of history of the most illustrious "Serenissima Republic of Venice".